Slippers are a kind of shoes that everyone is very familiar with. Many people are very casual when they buy slippers. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Slippers are very important for your foot health. Today, I will share with you some of the summarized experience in choosing slippers for you to learn from.

First, we must pay attention to the material when choosing slippers in summer. Generally, we should try to choose slippers with gauze texture when choosing slippers, because these slippers can absorb sweat and won’t slip when taking a bath, which has a good protective effect on our feet.

Second, choose slippers and try not to buy plastic slippers, because the quality of plastic slippers is very poor and slippery. If you wear such shoes in the bath, it is easy to fall and very unsafe. In addition, plastic slippers do not absorb sweat and are very bad for your feet. You should pay more attention.

Third, when we choose slippers, we should strictly check, especially whether the upper needle and thread of slippers are very tight. We must look carefully. In addition, we should see whether the upper line of slippers is neat and firm. The upper bottom of slippers must be well made, so that it can be used for a long time.

Fourth, we can distinguish plastic slippers by smell. Generally speaking, plastic slippers have a pungent smell, and it is easy to feel slippery on the feet. In addition, plastic slippers can be bent by hand. If there are many fine lines, they must be made of plastic.

Fifth, when we choose leather slippers, we should look at the lines of the slippers. Generally speaking, the lines of leather slippers are not very regular, but as long as you bend the slippers, you will see a lot of irregular lines. At the same time, the leather slippers should contact the feet without irritation, without rubbing, and very soft.

Sixth, we can also judge the color of high-quality slippers by observing their color. Generally, the color of the heel and the front and back of the upper of high-quality slippers are completely the same, and there will be no cracks and peeling on the surface, and there will be no glue stains and stains.

Seventh, the choice of slippers, size is generally very important. I suggest that women friends can choose slippers that are one size larger than their ordinary shoes, and men should also be larger. In addition, the upper of high-quality slippers is not high or low, and the ankle bone is not the standard.

Post time: Jan-15-2023